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REFECTOCIL cleansing for tint stain and oily residues 150ml

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REFECTOCIL cleansing for tint stain and oily residues 150ml

Before perming
After application of conventional eye make-up remover’s, usually oily residues remain on the upper eyelid and the eyelashes. Therefore the upper eyelids and the eyelashes must be cleansed with RefectoCil Saline Solution. Only then optimum adhesion of the eyelash rollers can be guaranteed during the application of the Eyelash Perm.
Before tinting
Client with eye make-up:To prepare the eyelashes use RefectoCil Eye Make-Up Remover. 
Client without eye make-up: To prepare the eyelashes use RefectoCil Saline Solution. 
After tinting
The RefectoCil Saline Solution is also ideal for eye baths after tinting the eyelashes, since tint residues remain often between the individual lashes. Those residues can be removed with RefectoCil Saline Solution, which is entirely soft and similar to tear fluid.
Enne püsikoolutamist: tavaline silmameigieemaldaja üldjuhul ei eemalda rasu silmalault ja ripsmetelt. Seetõttu on vaja puhtastamiseks kasutada RefectoCil Saline Solution puhastusvedelikku, et koolutuskaared kinnituksid maksimaalselt ripsmete külge.
Enne püsivärvimist: puhasta meigitud silmad esiteks RefectoCil Eye Make-Up remover puhastusvedelikuga, seejärel RefectoCil Saline Solution puhastusvedelikuga.
Peale püsivärvimist: kuna värvijäägid võivad jääda ripsmetele, puhasta ripsmed RefectoCil Saline Solution puhastusvedelikuga.


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