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ORIO Sapropel muds Green 1000g

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ORIO Sapropel muds Green 1000g

Cosmetic effect - revitalize, moisturize and nourish skin; protect against ultraviolet radiation-induced skin cell damage; antibacterial and antifungal action; anti-inflammatory action; stimulate metabolic processes.
Olive-green saporopel muds feature very high antioxidant and regenerating action, due to their high content of such compounds as carotenoids, fertility vitamins , polyphenols, chlorophyll, flavonoids, phospholipids, enzymes, etc. Green sapropel muds have medium content of humic acids, including aliphatic humic acids. Green sapropel muds contain lipids twice as much as the average content in organic sapropels.
NB!!!  100% natural sapropel muds and their product line. Mineral compound rich and easily digested.  Work at the cellular level. ORIO muds have powerful revitalizing and rejuvenating effect on the whole body. Extracted from the unique, ecologically clean lake Sudobl, referenced to balneological resources of Belarus and protected by the state. ORIO muds Beauty line also includes face and hair masks, hair growth stimulant and anti-cellulite programs. All the company’s products have been duly certified and already are being supplied to clinics, hospitals and beauty shops in Russia, Belarus, USA and France, and as a raw material for Beauty Industry.

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