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Pedicure Pliers

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Cuticle Nipper Snippex 112492
Cuticle Nipper Snippex 112492 Cuticle nipper with single spring. Made of stainless steel..
Ex Tax: 15.42€
Scissors СHROM B
Scissors СHROM B  Stainless steel scissors; perfect profile; for cutting finger and toe ..
Ex Tax: 8.00€
Stainless Steel Nail Pusher K-38
Stainless Steel Nail Pusher K-38 For manicure and pedicure .Curved-end conforms to the natura..
Ex Tax: 5.00€
Stainless Steel Pedicure Pliers 112494
Stainless Steel Pedicure Pliers Snippex Professional stainless steel pedicure pliers  ..
Ex Tax: 16.67€
Toe Nail Nipper C-56
Toe Nail Nipper C-56 Halfmoon head lockable pedicure nipper with double spring. Length 9,7 cm..
Ex Tax: 18.33€
Toe Nail Nipper M-18
Toe Nail Nipper M-18 Single spring lockable toe nail nipper. Can cut even very thick nails. W..
Ex Tax: 9.92€
Toe Nail Nipper Snippex 112493
Toe Nail Nipper  Halfmoon head lockable pedicure nipper with barrel spring. Length 11 cm..
Ex Tax: 12.08€

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