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BEAUTYFOR Wax Roll-on Cartridge Titanium Talc 100 ml

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BEAUTYFOR Wax Roll-on Cartridge Titanium Talc 100 ml

Liposoluble depilatory wax with Talc guarantees a soft and delicate strip action on sensitive skins. Facilitates the removal of superfluos hair growth for exceptional final results. Suitable for strong and resistant hair growth. Talc performs an effective absorbing action, thus allowing a perfect adhesion of the wax to hair and providing an excellent grip, less painful.

Insert the cartridge inside the device, connect it into the mains and wait until the wax gets a good liquid texture.Unseal the roll-on and slide it over the clean and dry skin (it should roll easily) in the direction of the hair growth leaving a fine layer of wax on the area you wish to depilate.Extend a waxing strip on the applied wax and press it on all its surface except for the last centimetre which should be folded to hold it tight. Maintain the skin tense with the help of one hand and with the other hand pull the strip with an energetic and fast movement always against the direction of the hair growth and as parallel as possible to the skin (NEVER pull upwards since this will provoke pain, possible haematomas and a bad hair removal).The strip can be used several times until it is full with wax. At that moment it should be substituted for a new one.

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