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BEAUTYFOR Wax warmer 400ml for waxes and parafin

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Wax warmer 400ml for waxes and parafin

Wax Warmer for 400 ml jars. Suitable for melting wax disks, pearls, face paraffin. 
Dimensions 189x195x150 mm.
Voltage 220-240 V.
Power: 70 W.
Melts the wax in 15 minutes.
1) Clean your skin before waxing.
2) Place the jar into heater.
3) Plug the heater.
4) Turn the temperature selector knob to HI. Heat the wax for 20-30 minutes and turn the selector knob to MED. Wait another 10 minutes, check the consistency of the wax and start.
5) Apply the wax onto skin with spatula opposite to hair growth direction, covering an area of 15 to 18 cm.
6) Apply epilation paper to waxed area and pat the surface with your hands in order to lock in the wax evenly onto hair.
7) Remove the paper from the surface quickly in the opposite direction of the hair growth.
8) When finishing procedure, turn the temperature knob selector to OFF.
9) Use after wax cleansing oil or gel to the skin to remove all remnants of wax.
10) After cleaning use a fragrance-free moisturizer.
Suitable for home users.


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