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STARPIL Aloe Vera Wax, Roll-on 110g

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STARPIL Aloe Vera Wax, Roll-on 110g

Powerful cutaneous regenerator. Helps prevent sagging and maintains moisture and elasticity. 

Skin Type: Dry skin. Sensitive or reactive skin

Areas: Legs, Back, and Full body

Ingredients: Natural Bee’s Wax, Antioxidants, Microcrystalline Wax, Colofonia, Rosin Ester with Glycerin, Antioxidants and Pigments

How to use: Insert and heat roll on cartridge for 20 minutes. Check that wax has melted to liquid form in roll-on. Remove seal on roll-on cartridge and then roll on a removal strip so wax has completely covered roller. Apply a thin layer on skin (in the direction of hair growth), place hair removal wax strip on surface and pull against direction of hair growth and parallel to the area from which the hair is being removed.





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